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Reasons Why You Should Move to Merced, CA

Merced is a city steeped in California history. It was founded in 1848 and became the county seat of the newly formed Fresno County in 1868. Today, it is known for being home to the University of California, Merced as well as Merced Community College. It is also home to many vineyards, wineries and orchards.

If you love wine, you will love Merced. This city has a microclimate ideal for viticulture and is the home to some of the best wineries in California.

If you are looking to move to Merced, you will quickly discover that it has so much to offer. The city is quiet and peaceful. You will love being close to the Yosemite National Park, which is just an hour’s drive away. Merced is also a great place to raise a family. It has great public schools, and the cost of living is lower than other locations in the Central Valley.

What Makes Merced a Good Place to Live?

Merced has a mild climate, and most of the year you can enjoy cool weather and seasonal fruits. The city has an excellent water supply, and there is always a lot of open space to take walks or hikes in the evenings.

The city has many parks where you can enjoy a peaceful walk or go for a run. There are also many churches in the city where you can attend services. Merced is a very safe city, and you can feel confident walking around at night without worry.

The cost of living in Merced is much lower than the national average, and this makes it a very affordable place to raise a family. The median income in Merced is just under $25,000, so you can budget a comfortable living for yourself and your family.

Cheaper than Other Central Valley Cities

When you compare costs of living in Merced to other Central Valley cities, you will find that it is much cheaper. It is more than 40% cheaper to live in Fresno, and less expensive than Bakersfield, Modesto and Sacramento.

The reason Merced is so affordable is because it is the only city in the Central Valley that is not an urban area. So, there are no high rises, no traffic congestion and no huge city center to build and maintain. This means that the city does not have to spend money on infrastructure, and it can maintain low costs without being unfair to residents. Even though Merced is the cheapest Central Valley city, it is still a great place to live.

Great School System

Merced has a great public school system. The schools in Merced are well funded and have plenty of resources for students. The teachers in Merced are supported by one of the best teacher unions in the country. This means that they have good salaries and great benefits.

The cost of living in Merced is also very low, so the money you save on your monthly housing bill can be reinvested in your children’s education.

Close to Yosemite National Park

You will love being close to Yosemite National Park. It is just an hour’s drive away, and you can enjoy many beautiful views of the park while you are there. You can also visit Sequoia National Park, which is just a two hour drive from Merced. If you love nature and hiking, these are great places to visit. You can also take day trips to see the Giant Sequoia trees in the National Forest a few hours away.

Easy Commute to SF and Other Bay Areas

If you work in San Francisco or other Bay Area cities, you will love how easy it is to get to work in Merced. It only takes about 40 minutes to drive to San Francisco, and the toll bridge is only $2. If you work in Concord, the commute is only an hour and a half, and the toll bridge is only $2.

There are many employers in the area willing to hire Merced residents, so it is easy to find a job. The cost of living in Merced is also very low, so your monthly expenses will stay low even as you earn a higher salary in another city.


Merced is a great place to live. It has a mild climate, an excellent school system, and a low cost of living. It is also close to many beautiful natural areas, making it a perfect place for a family. If you are interested in moving to Merced, you should definitely take a look at the available options. There are many different neighborhoods to choose from, and you can also look into renting a house or an apartment. Finding a place to live in Merced can be difficult, so you should start looking early.

One of your affordable options is mobile homes. Sierra Portal is a 55-and-above mobile home community in Mercced, CA, that features all the amenities you will need. Call us at (209) 722-3411 or leave us a message here to learn more.

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