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Mobile Home Park Safety Tips to Keep Residents Safe this Winter

From freezing temperatures to thick layers of ice and snow, winter poses a serious challenge to residents in mobile home parks in Merced, CA. For instance, burst frozen pipes cost thousands of dollars to repair, while clearing away a collapsed tree caused by a winter storm not just costs money but also a whole lot of inconvenience. 


To help keep residents in mobile home parks safe during the winter, there are things they can do at a community and individual level, which we explain below. 


Space Heating Safety Tips 

Winter is the time of the year homeowners rely heavily on electric blankets, water heaters, fireplaces, and other types of space heaters. Unfortunately, while these appliances provide us the much-needed warmth and even protect our homes from damage (e.g., ice dams and frozen pipes), they can be a fire hazard when used incorrectly.


According to recent reports, space heaters account for around 40% of all home fires in the US. 


Fire Prevention Tips for Heat-Generating Appliances

  • Clean your chimney regularly.
  • Make sure your smoke detectors are functioning properly. 
  • Use a safety screen on your fireplace.
  • Always inspect your water and space heater units. 
  • Only burn dry wood and add them slowly. 


Home Fire Safety for Each Resident

Homeowners should install fire alarms in the kitchen, bedrooms, and at the top of the stairs (or basement if there is any). They should also make sure that these units are working properly and come with 10-year battery life (plus backup batteries).


Additionally, they should have at least two exit doors that are easy to access without any obstruction, especially if the residents will come from their bedrooms. 


And lastly, the kitchen should have an adequate ventilation system (e.g., mechanical ventilation or exhaust system) to ensure that air movement in the area does not cause discomfort and that carbon monoxide accumulation and combustion do not happen. 


Basic Fire-prevention Tips 

Read on below to learn more about fire-prevention tips, which apply not only during the winter but also year-round. 

  • Do not leave lit candles unattended. 
  • Install home insulation materials that are fire-resistant. 
  • Avoid overloading sockets. Take note that exceeding the load for the circuit writing could melt the wire insulation and lead to a fire if there’s no breaker in the circuit. 
  • Always check gas cooktops and heaters for leaky canisters, which pose a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, explosion and fire.
  • Only work with electricians who adhere to HUD safety standards. Meanwhile, don’t resort to DIY projects that involve electrical work. 
  • Dispose of your Christmas tree as soon as possible because this is a fire hazard, especially if it becomes too dry. 


Other Safety Precautions During Winter 

With proper preparation and simple hacks, you can enjoy winter without having to worry about bodily accidents and property damage such as frozen pipes


  • Prevent frozen pipes by wrapping them with an insulating material, keeping the thermostat consistent, and sealing the cracks and crevices where cold drafts can creep into your home. 
  • Use snow blowers when the snow is not yet too deep. Remember, they are designed to deal with small areas, not wide roads and places where the snow has fallen too deep. 
  • During winter storms, avoid going outside just to clear snow. In the ideal scenario, you should wait for the weather conditions to stabilize before you start clearing snow. 


Bottom Line 

Now that you know the safety tips to keep mobile home parks in Merced, CA and the residents safe during the winter, why not check out a charming community called Sierra Portal Mobile Estates, which sits close to Highway 99 that makes the Yosemite National Park and the Monterey Bay just a two-hour drive. 


This family-friendly mobile home community in Merced, California, is also conveniently located close to premium shopping centers, restaurants, and public parks. 


To learn more about this charming Merced mobile home park, call us at (209) 722-3411 or leave us a message here.


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