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Senior Mobile Home Park: What Are They?

They say the three happiest ages in life are: when you’re born, when you fall in love, and after you retire. After retirement, life slows down just enough that all those things that used to stress us out don’t seem quite as urgent anymore.


You should look into a mobile home park for seniors if you don’t want to spend your retirement living in cramped apartments or stressful house hunting. To find out more about them and their benefits, read on!


Senior Mobile Homes: Defined

A mobile home park is a residential community with mobile homes attached to the land with a permanent foundation. Mobile homes are often built on the same property as the park and don’t need to be moved from one location to another.


Mobile home residents are referred to as seniors when they’re 55 or older and own their units, regardless of whether or not they live alone. A senior mobile home park is one where all residents fall within this age range. 


These communities offer many amenities as traditional housing developments, such as pools, recreation centers, and other social activities. The residents may also enjoy additional services like housekeeping and maintenance assistance on an as-needed basis.


Where Are They Located

Mobile home parks for seniors are located in the country, rural areas, and even remote places. You may typically find them located near a lake or river.


You can also find them near the ocean and other water sources. Suppose you’re looking in a more urban area, you may have to go further into the suburbs or rural areas.


Why Consider a Mobile Home Park for Seniors

Some people like to live in mobile homes in Merced, California because they offer a variety of amenities and a sense of community. Others tend to be located in good locations, so it’s easy for you to get around and enjoy the outdoors. 


These communities provide safety, security, and affordability for their residents. They are suitable for senior dwellers who want to enjoy some independence while still having access to help when they need it. 


Many seniors find it easier to stay active when they have access to facilities like pools or fitness centers within the park that are available only for residents’ use. However, there may be fees associated with using these).


Some parks will even provide handicapped accessible units for those who need them. Most of these facilities are open to the public so that anyone can use them.


How to Choose the Best Senior Mobile Home Park for You

There are many factors to consider when choosing a senior mobile home park. It will help if you review the following: 


  • park’s reputation
  • amenities
  • location
  • rules and regulations
  • availability of services


You should also check on financial stability. It will help you get an idea about how well-run the company is and whether or not it will likely be around for the long term.


The biggest downside to mobile home parks for seniors is that they tend to be more restrictive than other options. You may have a hard time trying to find one that allows pets or smoking, for example. 


The residents’ association also has rules about what vehicles are allowed on the premises. For example, there may be restrictions on trailers and campers and how many people can live with you at any time in mobile homes in Merced, California.


Sometimes, this number is limited to two per mobile home unit. Suppose you have other concerns about how they operate. In that case, it’s best to talk to other residents and find out how their experiences have been. 


Spend Retirement With Great community and Affordability

Living mobile home parks in Merced, California can be an affordable alternative for seniors who don’t require larger property maintenance. Aside from having no upkeep required for your property, you will also have enough social activity to occupy even during the winter. 


At Sierra Portal, we have generous amenities that are easily accessible and a helpful staff that ensures residents have everything they need. To know more about our mobile home parks in Merced, California, you may contact us by filling out this form or calling us at (209) 722-3411.

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