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5 Easy Ways To Decorate Your Mobile Home On A Budget

You can save money while decorating by looking at the bigger picture. Save money by choosing colorful pillows or a pretty rug instead of buying a new bedspread or carpet to give your room a fresh look on a budget. Here are 5 easy ways to decorate your mobile home on a budget.

1. Hang Outdoors

If you’ve got a nice outdoor area, you can use it as your canvas for DIY decorating. Outdoor plants and shrubs are great for hanging outdoor art, especially if you live in a climate where plants are hard to grow. You can also use outdoor décor items as a template for DIY projects.

Use a rock pot as a succulent planter or a wooden bird feeder to make a stylish hanging lamp. Open spaces are great for DIY projects, and you can save money by bringing the items you need, such as rope or wood, with you.

2. Pull Up the Rugs

Add a rug to create a cozy atmosphere and update the decor without overspending. It’s an affordable way to add visual interest to your flooring. Instead of spending money on new carpets, put down a new rug that gives your mobile home a new look for a fraction of the cost.

You can also pull up the rugs in your mobile home and put them outdoors for the summer months and put it indoors for the winter months, making it a year-round project. You can also try DIY projects, such as sewing a rug from an old t-shirt.

3. Decorative Pillows

Instead of buying new decorative pillows, try out DIY projects such as making a decorative pillow out of an old t-shirt or an old canvas bag. Another option for finding decorative pillows is to check out local thrift stores or resale shops. You may be able to find unique items that others have discarded.

Additionally, if you have a special item like a plush animal or piece of furniture, you can make your own pillow cover to use it as a decorative pillow. You can even follow a DIY tutorial that shows you how to create a pillow cover using an old t-shirt.

4. For Your Walls, Floor, and Ceiling

Your walls, floors, and ceilings are perfect for DIY projects. Grab some paint, a brush, and a few paint samples to mix up a custom shade that reflects your own style. If you’re in need of a new floor or ceiling, try out vinyl plank flooring or a DIY ceiling system.

You can also paint furniture and other items to add color to your home. If you’re in need of a new floor, look into natural stone flooring, which is naturally hard-wearing and affordable.

5. Colorful Furniture

Furniture is always an excellent place to start the DIY project of decorating your mobile home on a budget. You can use spray-paint your coffee table, turn an old chair into a lamp or change out your bedside table for a plant stand.

You can also try out these DIY projects on making a chalkboard wall or turning an old door into a chalkboard door. Think outside the box when it comes to furniture. Find one-of-a-kind treasures at thrift stores, garage sales, and antique shops to upcycle and breathe new life into them.


You’ve seen how to decorate your mobile home on a budget in a few different ways. Get started on adding color and patterns to your space or saving money on a project with these helpful tips. If you’ve got any other creative ways to save on decorating your mobile home. 

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